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I'm a big fan of Mega Man. I play it since the 90s. I had always the dream to make own levels for it. Thanks to other fans it is possible now. The Mega Man Maker is a game made by fans. You can make your own levels and share them with others. The community of it is amazing. There are a lot of creative people who make challenging levels. I do that, too. In addition to that i also stream live on YouTube and Twitch. You can watch how i play viewer levels and how i make new levels. Like my other stuff for games i am very good at making Mega Man Maker levels, too. In the Mega Man Maker community i am known as Captain Pollution. I picked that nickname because i like the story from that cartoon super villain.

Website of Mega Man Maker: https://megamanmaker.com

You are welcome to join my streams and watch what awesome content i'm creating there for the Mega Man Maker community.


My Mega Man Maker levels so far:
78500 - Captain Planet strikes back
93156 - The SkyCube
121620 - Captain Pollution strikes back V2
136680 - Cap. Pollution - Easy Mode
151311 - Cap. Pollution - Devil Mode
149918 - Escape from Gay Heaven
137728 - The Power of Ice
141347 - Waterworld Fortress
147996 - Cold Village
149648 - The perfect streamer level
149927 - Electric Skydance
150973 - Spikes have feelings too
153492 - Mega spike journey
153505 - New plant city
154750 - Candy Kaizo Challenge
154979 - The Mystical Sir Sins Temple Zone
155535 - Frozen Fortress of Doctor Joe
158426 - Corrupted Waterfall Power Station
157694 - Waterworld Journey
158883 - The palace of Captain Pollution
158911 - The magical space discovery
158927 - Pollution Factory


Fragen, Anregungen, Ideen sind herzlich willkommen! Organisatorische & geschäftliche Anliegen bitte via E-Mail.

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